Rhode Island, "The Ocean State," is home to beautiful shorelines, bustling harbors, and breathtaking sunsets. This is the Rhode Island we all know, love and expect. 

But scattered throughout our backyard, hidden in places lost to time or the flowing current of popular culture, lay incredible architectural and culturally significant gems to explore, places many do not know exist.  

The Rhodestock collection of images include some of the most special spaces and unique perspectives in Rhode Island. New images are added frequently, preserving the memory of many places that may not exist in the future, some that have already been lost to new development. 

The Rhodestock image archive is available for commercial royalty free licensing and to order prints for design projects, private homes and offices. Prints from the Rhodestock archive are sure to be conversation starters and reflect the ultimate Rhode Island insider.

A portion of the profits is donated to Doors Open Rhode Island to help fund their mission of connecting people to local places of cultural, historical and architectural significance in an effort to bridge communities and inspire new perspectives on cities and towns throughout Rhode Island. 


All images in the Rhodestock archive and on this website are registered with the US Library of Congress and copyrighted by the photographer. Digital Commercial Licensing is Royalty Free, but not transferrable to any 3rd party and cannot be made for resale. Purchased prints are for personal use or public display and not for resale.

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